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Double Weave

Inspired by my new quena flute from Deniz Dogrusöz, a flute maker from Turkey, I started weaving what would be a case for the beautiful quena. Then Inspired by the weavers of the Andes, I warped my little rigid heddle loom, the only one I have left from my weaving days and started in on what is to be a double weave flute wall hanging.
Notice the pick up sticks that allow for the black warp back weave.
The weaving starts with weaving all of the warp threads.
This is the double weave part that will hold the flute
Weaving two layers at a time. This shows the separate layers.
My first Brooks Bouquet which pulls the two layers together though it doesn’t have to now that I think about it. The black line weaves through both layers and that holds the layers together.
Almost complete. The double weave does work to hold the flutes. I need to wash and block the weaving and sew the flap at the top to hold a hanging rod.

The weaving is based on a pattern by Ashford Company.

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