Journey for the bees


Bees seem to be speaking.  I journey for the bees, in support of the bees.  The buzzing of the mbira reminds me of the bees.

The song Nyuchi on mbira is a mavembe song played by the Chigamba’s for the bees.  I learned it in part from Rosalie and in part from Erica.  The song was reportedly a favorite of Tute’s late wife.

I’ll play for the bees.  Watch for a Nyuchi post under mbira.

Mbira travels

Camp Nhapitapi–Seattle with Claire Jones

First Camp Nhapitapi with Claire Jones.  Traveled north with Rosalie.  Learned Mahororo Yepasi with variations.  The song came from Mandrake Muchema.  Loved learned the basic song on Friday evening so could spend the weekend building on it.Nhapitapiers 2014sm