Fiber travels Quilting

Shop Hopping

IMG_5319saltwater tank 1 month 10 daysShop hop with Jeri Murphy, spring 2016.  Blocks made a bright, lap sized quilt.  Now for the backing.

Fiber travels Silk

Wild Silk Cocoons


The wild silk cocoons of Madagascar and the wild silk cocoons of India.  Both in the center of a grid with Ametrine.  The cocoons represent the wild harvesting of silk without killing the silk worm.  Granted the silk pupae might be eaten as protein in  protein starved areas in Madagascar,  The smaller Cricula cocoon comes from India.  Aurora Silks in Portland has peace silk and natural dyes.  All of this is the start of a new silk thread.

Fiber travels Knitting

Hand knit vintage purse

Vintage handknit purse with seedbeads and perle cotton by April Lewis embellished with floor and strap by Martha Lewis
Vintage hand knit purse with seed beads and pearl cotton by April Lewis embellished with flower and strap by Martha Lewis

I knit this purse before I moved back to Oregon in 2006.  My mother embellished it with a flower and a strap.  I had given it to my mother who cherished it and kept it safe in a little box.  I am grateful for her care and honoring of our mutual joy in handcrafted pieces.

Fiber travels Knitting

Yarn crawl

Habu has several yarns that use stainless steel. The yarn on the cone has copper. I found the combo in the photo below at the Knit Purl shop in downtown Portland.


Fiber travels Knitting

Red soap dream

Rose City Fiber Crawl 2012 has been exhausting and enlightening. My find so far has been Abstract Fiber red roving in 50% silk and 50% merino wool. My red soap dream inspired this red longing. I have already posted my cuprite stone. A new weaving?


Fiber travels Weaving

Spiderwoman reappears

New spinning wheel enters.   Looking for a handmade Reeves but meanwhile found a Country Craftsman Saxony style wheel at Woodland Woolen Mills which is going out of business.   Impulse buy but very satisfying one.

With the double drive I have more control over twist.   This wheel joins my Louet single drive wheel.



Hazel Rose Pin loom Weaving

Hazel Rose Pin Loom


I wove squares on the 7″ Hazel Rose multi-loom and then couldn’t decide what do to with them.   The owner of Fibers of Vision in Ashland suggested sewing each in the middle of a fabric square.  That is what I did for both Lily and Jackson.   With the addition of ribbon, the effect was lovely.

The second weekend was a shower for Megan with many friends and familyphoto5


Rigid Heddle Weaving Weaving

Rigid Heddle Adventures

32 inch Kromski harp rigid heddle loom.  10 dent reed.


Warp goes well with warping peg instead of the warp pegs that turn the back of this loom into a warping board (for longer warps).  Minor mishap, puppies find brown ball of yarn and turn it into a massive mess (see top of warping peg).

Warp for Jackson's blanket

320 threads pulled to the front of the heddle (warp wound on to the back beam).  Ready for threading…one of each pair of threads will go through the eye of the heddle.

Warp pulled through heddle, ready to thread heddle and tie up.

Warp below wound on to the back beam (from the back beam side).

Warp from the back beam angle.
Warp from the back beam angle.

The tie up begins from the outsides in.  I thread the eyes of the heddle at the same time as tying up 10 threads at a time in a traditional tie-up.


Tie up complete.

Warps tied up.

Weaving begins.  I am reminded that warp selection is important.  I had been weaving on a knitter’s loom from Ashford.  The eyes in the heddle were larger so less wear on the knitting yarn.  Two threads are dangerously weak in the early weaving.  Use fray check from my sewing box to help prevent some fraying.

Beginning to Weave

Weave color is lighter than I anticipated.  Called Yarn Garden in Portland to get another skein of brown.  Plan to weave weft in stripes.  They were very helpful.

Going to order the 8 dent reed for Lily’s blanket.  I think it will allow me to use this knitting yarn a little easier.  The dent size is good for Jackson’s blanket, the holes are just a little small.

This stand can be used for my Navajo loom if I so choose.  Weaving helps me hold a space for moving to Portland


Llamas and Llambs

Going to visit Llamas and Llambs.  Kathy has a book to look at by Sarah Natani and has met a woman who has been to the Navajo reservation 5 years to weave.  There is much to learn in one’s hands.  Getting the facts on one’s head is easier.

The book that Kathy has includes photos and weavings by many of Sarah Natani’s students.  The photos and letters from students were gathered by Lora Pirtle Rinke and published a book called Sarah Natani.

Trev, my oldest son, has said it is a go for him to build the portable loom that we will use to learn on.  I found a simple one to purchase on if all else fails.

Nick, also my son, has applied for a URL for my blog.  It will be  Fitting.  My father always used the term “ponder”.  He always had plan 1, 2, and 3 or A, B, and plan C.  Usually plan A worked.

Today is a step forward.