Silkies, Red Soap


Soon after buying red soap that had been given to me in a dream by my harp teacher Christina Tourin, I was walking along Hawthorne St. in SE Portland, Oregon and passed three young women talking amongst themselves. One was talking about the mythology of silkies which are seals who shed their coats to return to land as females. Something like that.

As I returned to my car, the lights went on as that is the song I am working on to submit for the mixolydian mode for the International Harp Therapy Progam. The song was written by Christina Tourin and is called, “The Silkie”. I hadn’t been able to submit the song because I couldn’t get the feel of it.

What are the chances of the feeling of a song coming from a random conversation on the streets of Portland. And who were those silkies who were speaking like humans at just the right moment.

Divine inspiration or divine intervention, whichever, I am so grateful!