Mbira travels

Old friend wants to travel

My Charles Ruhukwa mbira in workshop pitch (nyamaropa) wishes to travel back to Zimbabwe.

Nyamaropa workshop pitched

Mbira travels

Mbira’s seeking travel to Zimbabwe

Mbiras quizzed about desire to travel to Zimbabwe

Mbira travels

I have ingested dose three of four oral typhoid vaccine capsules

Have ingested dose three of four oral typhoid vaccine capsules. Feel
really unsettled later in the day. Next time I am going for the shot.

Two mbira are requesting that I take them to the homeland. One made by Charles Ruhukwa and one by Tute Chigamba. Perhaps an odd question for mbira but the were quite receptive. I have always left my
Chigamba mavembe mbira in charge when I go somewhere. Now I will have to ask for another volunteer.

My newest Bvure (Cosmas pitched) wanted to go home with my niece who learned Karigamombe this weekend. She played all the way back to Southern California, teaching my brother, Greg, the new song at a rest stop. She is a natural and at 16 already knows that part of her
destiny is to travel to Africa. The next generation is so inspiring.

A New York Times article highlighting the deteriorating situation in
Zimbabwe was posted Saturday on Dandemutande. I once again panicked about traveling there. Fortunately Marilyn K from Eugene responded with calm and encouragement.

I have been lucky to get encouragement from veteran players like
Rosalie who have been there and can verify what is needed for travel.
Also to help ground free floating fear.

Thank you, Marilyn. Thank you, Rosalie!

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Mbira travels

This is my first blog day

This is my first blog day. There are three weeks before boarding the
plane. I’m feeling a little challenged by having my flight to
Amsterdam chopped in two. It would have been nonstop but northwestern stopped direct flights on Mondays.

My first dose of typhoid has found it’s way into my system. Three to
go.  I need an additional hepatitis B shot before going.

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