Mbira travels

Raindrop Mbira

15 years ago, I played this mbira song with Steve Berman in Ashland, Oregon. Just found the WAV file from my zoom recorder. Lucky me to record with Steve. Mbira is a raindrop or katzanzaire made by Charles Ruhukwa.
Nymamusango: April, kushaura, Steve Berman kutsinhira, 2007

Shakuhachi Travels

Shakuhachi Prague

In 2019, Marcy Lohman Hunt, Bill Hunt, and I traveled to Prague to the International Shakuhachi event. We attended a shakuhachi making workshop.

Justin Williams, teacher. Marcy and Bill, left.
Didgeridoo Shakuhachi Travels


Meeting with the Shakuhachi at InDidgInUs camp with Jamie. I went to the camp for the didgeridoo and came out with a PVC Shakuhachi and the bug.

Flowers upclose 2020

Water Lily 2020

The first Water Lily of 2020
A Water Lily friend arrives.
Fiber travels Quilting

Shop Hopping

IMG_5319saltwater tank 1 month 10 daysShop hop with Jeri Murphy, spring 2016.  Blocks made a bright, lap sized quilt.  Now for the backing.

Mbira travels

Masangano mbira song

Rosalie and I play Masangano on the high Dambatsoko for you.

Fiber travels Silk

Wild Silk Cocoons


The wild silk cocoons of Madagascar and the wild silk cocoons of India.  Both in the center of a grid with Ametrine.  The cocoons represent the wild harvesting of silk without killing the silk worm.  Granted the silk pupae might be eaten as protein in  protein starved areas in Madagascar,  The smaller Cricula cocoon comes from India.  Aurora Silks in Portland has peace silk and natural dyes.  All of this is the start of a new silk thread.


Journey for the bees


Bees seem to be speaking.  I journey for the bees, in support of the bees.  The buzzing of the mbira reminds me of the bees.

The song Nyuchi on mbira is a mavembe song played by the Chigamba’s for the bees.  I learned it in part from Rosalie and in part from Erica.  The song was reportedly a favorite of Tute’s late wife.

I’ll play for the bees.  Watch for a Nyuchi post under mbira.

Mbira travels

Camp Nhapitapi–Seattle with Claire Jones

First Camp Nhapitapi with Claire Jones.  Traveled north with Rosalie.  Learned Mahororo Yepasi with variations.  The song came from Mandrake Muchema.  Loved learned the basic song on Friday evening so could spend the weekend building on it.Nhapitapiers 2014sm

Herbal Studies

Baby bath herbs

Baby wash for Adelyn.  Fresh dried roses, chamomile, calendula, lavender, and comfrey.



The herbs mix well in a bowl before placing in storage jar.  The wash cloth is a bamboo one sold by Eco Baby and hand stitched to keep the herbs in place in the bath.